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(The widest variety of choice of flour and butter machine)

Isfahan Sanat is proud of its huge collection in the field of design and production of desktop desalination machines, desktop buttermilk, shop and industrial devices, and one of the largest companies for supplying desiccant and buttermilk machines to factories in the country, if customers need it. Dear, provide your tips, services and suggestions to you dear ones.

We are proud that with the efforts of the young researchers and the talented force of the country, we have designed devices that have no internal or external similarities and increase the quality of the consumer product many times over.

Device No. 1: Desktop milling and buttering machine, model C-30

Description :

This model of machine with two capacities of 30 and 40 kg per hour, has natural stone for the production of flour and buttermilk and the quality of flour of this type of machine has a softness of 300 microns, which is one of the modern and high quality machines at present.

The designers of our collection have designed this device after several years of trial and error and have designed it in such a way that in addition to excellent quality, good appearance, low noise, balanced weight, engine quality and unique body also add to the features of this device.

The engine of this device is three horses and also has adjustment screws in terms of softness and roughness, and the whole device has a one-year warranty and five years of service.

Device No. 2: Model C-100

Description :

This model has dimensions of 900 * 350 * 90 mm and is mostly recommended for the production of peanut butter. The production capacity of this device is 100 kWh and requires three-phase electricity, and the consumed voltage is 380 and the power of the device is 2.5 kW.

Device number 3: Model device: C-3

Description: The nominal capacity of this device is 3 kg per hour and is only suitable for buttermilk.

The motor of the device is 1.5 hp and the power consumption is 220 volts.

The dimensions of this device are 46cm (L) x 25 cm (W) x 44cm (H) and the weight of the device is 28 kg.

Device No. 4: Model device: C-15

Description: The production capacity of this machine is 15 kg per hour and more is recommended for the production of butter because it has artificial stone and is not of high quality compared to natural stone and Ardeh has roughness.

The device weighs 30 kg and has dimensions of 328 * 310 * 710mm. Consumption voltage is 220 volts and has a power of 1100 watts.

Device No. 5: Model device: C-35

Description: This model of the device has an output of 300 microns and has a nominal production capacity of 30 kg per hour and above.

Of course, this device has this softness for the production of butter, and also the dimensions of this device are 55X35X55 cm, and the consumed voltage is 220 volts. This device has a net weight of 42 kg and a 1.5 kW motor.


Device No. 6: Model device: C-16

Description: This machine has a nominal capacity of 15 to 20 kg per hour and is recommended only for the production of peanut butter, etc.

The motor of this device has a power of 1100 watts and the required voltage is 220. Also, this device has dimensions of 328 * 310 * 710 mm.

Device No. 7: Model device: C-40

Description: Our collection is the only manufacturer of this device model and is the only device in the country with a softness of 100 microns. The consumption dimensions of this device are 90 * 90 and 50 * 50 cm and the device is all steel and has an inverter.

The production capacity of the device is 10.40 / 10 kg per hour and the device has natural stone.

Machine No. 9: Buttering machine: C-250

Description: This device is the only device that has an efficiency of 150 kg per hour and above with the quality of producing peanut butter and … 300 microns. The device is completely customized and the power consumption required is 3 phases.

Device No. 10: Model C-500

Description: These fully automatic machines are capable of producing 500 kg per hour of peanuts and the required area of the machines is 25 square meters.

Device No. 11: Model C-600:

Description: This set of devices has the ability to produce 500 kg per hour and above and has dimensions of 7360 * 2500 * 3800 mm and a 7.5 kW motor.

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