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The largest manufacturer and importer of rice milling machines with various capacities for farmers, shops and factories

• Direct delivery and service of home paddy machine with several years of experience
• Importer of modern and most efficient workshop and industrial rice milling machine
• Supplier of paddy auxiliary equipment such as pad dryer and sieve

Model number one: home rice threshing machine

Description :
This model of machine with a capacity of 150 and 220 kg per hour, unlike other rice threshing machines, has the ability to produce long grain rice with a rate of ten percent more.
In fact, if you used to harvest seven hundred kilos of long grain rice from each ton of rice, now this model of this machine brings this amount to eight hundred kilos and makes the producer’s profit very high.
The electricity of this model is a single-phase device and it is completely low consumption and the bleaching of rice is done in one step. The device has a very teapot engine and a very durable body material, as well as light weight and suitable dimensions for the dear consumer.
The device also has a one-year warranty and five-year after-sales service, and this company with years of experience guarantees any service and warranty of the device.
Note: Our group is the only service provider and manufacturer of this type of device and in case of supplying the device from other companies and individuals and not coordinating with our company, we will not have any responsibility for the service or guarantee of your device.

Model number two: bm300 workshop machine

The capacity of this model is 400 kg automatic per hour and it measures 1.45 * 0.45 * 1 m and has a 5 kW motor.
The weight of this device is about 125 kg and it is 220-380 volts.

Model number three: bm700 rice milling machine

This model of machine is in the direction of 700 to 1000 kg per hour and has 2% of eaten rice.
Also, the required power consumption is three-phase and the device is fully automatic. The dimensions of the device are 2.2 * 2.5 * 3 meters and it has a 17 kW motor and a voltage of 380.

Model number four: bm400 model device

This model of the device has an efficiency of 400 to 600 kg per hour and the weight of the device itself is 250 kg.
Also, the dimensions of the device are 0.76 * 0.77 * 1.4 and it has a motor power of 7.5 kW.

Model number five: bm1000 rice milling machine

Description :
This model of machine with an efficiency of 1000 kg per hour has a eaten rice content of 2% and weighs 1400 kg.
The device is also fully automatic and does not require any additional equipment.
This model has dimensions of 2.8 * 1.5 * 2.9 meters and is one of the most advanced devices for factories, which has a consumption voltage of 380 and requires three-phase electricity.

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For direct contact with the company and advice in the field of agricultural machinery, please call 09130015016

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